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Centre for Pioneer Learning

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The Centre for Pioneer Learning aims to serve all pioneers who are establishing new forms of church and taking the church to new places throughout the UK and the world.

Our aim is to establish an environment where pioneers can learn together, be resourced and supported in their pioneering...

Institution: Ridley Hall

Created: Thu 3 Mar 2011

Moule Memorial Lectures

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The Moule Memorial Lectures have been held annually in memory of New Testatment scholar Charles Moule since his death in 2007. Charles Moule was the Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity from 1951 to 1976; having trained for ordination at Ridley he later became Ridley Hall's vice-principal. Moule's...

Institution: Ridley Hall

Created: Mon 31 Jan 2011

Resources for Theology and Ministry

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Ridley exists to train men and women for Christian ministry. As part of the life of the college numerous seminars, lectures and sermons are given by internal and external speakers. This collection is a small sample of what happens at Ridley.

You can follow Ridley on its facebook...

Institution: Ridley Hall

Created: Thu 16 Dec 2010

Simeon Centre for Prayer and the Spiritual Life

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The Simeon Centre, based at Ridley Hall, was set up in 2007 to nourish and strengthen the community’s life of prayer; to encourage members of the Hall and Cambridge Theological Federation in their spiritual growth; to work alongside church leaders and congregations around the country, teaching and...

Institution: Ridley Hall

Created: Thu 6 Jan 2011